Blanca Altable & Chuchi²

Blanca Altable & Chuchi² is an acoustic fiddle and guitar duo “made in Castilla”. Since 2009 they have rearranged and reinvented old instrumental melodies and songs from the Castilian tradition, winning a INJUVE in 2010. In addition to their traditional repertoire, they compose new folk music inspired by the plains and mountains of the Iberian Peninsula.

Jesús Enrique “Chuchi” Cuadrado – Acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar and voice.

Blanca-Olalla Altable – Violin.

Blanca Altable & Chuchi²  “Ahí la tienes, bailalá”

As time went by, Blanca Altable & Chuchi² appreciated more and more the cultural importance of the typical Sunday dances of the previous generations as a social gathering point. An idea sprouted to revive these festive happenings and together with journalist and traditional dancer, Patricia Melero, they began hosting dance events in villages around Spain. These events offer an opportunity to rediscover a variety of dance styles (including pasodoble, nota, corrido, charrada, foxtrot, polka…) and are open to all ages and all levels of ability.

Jesús Enrique “Chuchi” Cuadrado – Acoustic guitar, Spanish guitar and voice.

Blanca-Olalla Altable – Violin, voice.

Patricia Melero – Dance caller


CastellanAs is the recently formed duel fiddle group with members Blanca Altable y María San Miguel.

This exciting new ensemble of two fiddles and two voices is quite uncommon in the grand scheme of Iberian folk music, and together they explore the old repertoire of the dulzaina and invent their own modern acoustic sound.


María San Miguel – Violin, tambourine, voice.

Blanca-Olalla Altable – Violin, spoon, sympathetic rabel.


Throughout Altable’s professional career, she has had the opportunity to impart her wisdom and knowledge of the fiddle both privately and in schools such as the Escuela de Música Integral de Burgos, give workshops and masterclasses, and teach classes at the famous Barcelona Fiddle Congress, FolkMarathon, Qarbonia “the violin shop”, Vinterton (Sweden), Ecofolki (annual), and the international music course, Crisol de Cuerda Tradicional.

Currently, Altable focuses on teaching weekend workshops and fiddle camps, including group classes in both Burgos and Vitoria, Spain, and is available for lessons over Skype.

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Flor de Vida by Álvaro Barriuso

Flor de Vida is a collection of songs, poems, mantras, sounds and dances each conceived as an act of love. A succession of overlapping moments like the petals of a rose.

This new project by Álvaro Barriuso after his successful, “Always Going Home” is a work of progress in progress. Each time it grows little by little and offers proof through audio and visual material of what the present moment would be in the form of a living portrait. Follow the links below to listen and watch this unusual spectacle.


Álvaro Barriuso – Guitar, voice.

Guillermo Castro – Electric guitar, bass.

Isabel Romeo – Taiko drums.

Blanca Altable – Violin, mandolin.

Lorena Matsuki – Violin, voice.

Past Projects

Cira Qu

With imaginary folklore and Castilian grooves, Cira Qu explores the new sounds and possibilities that surround the cultural imagination of each of its creative members, with respect to their distinct Castilian roots.


Zulaima Boheto – Cello, Voice.

Blanca Agudo – Bodhrán, bendir, voice.

Jesús Parra – Acoustic guitar, voice.

Blanca-Olalla Altable – Violin, voice.