Blanca Altable

Experimental Fiddle


In each word you pronounce, an action is born. ‘Inbocacción’ is like a rain dance, a suggestive invitation to allow yourself to flow and blossom. This captivating single brings together the talent of the violinist Blanca Altable, known for her popular and experimental approach, with the captivating sonic atmosphere of the ambient electronic music band Menhir, who collaborate as musicians and producers on this unique piece, alongside Altable.

Portada del single "Inboccación"


Somos Polvo. Proyecto en solitario de Blanca Altable

Somos Polvo

It’s a show where the rich soundscapes of violin and vocals, created using loops and effect pedals, form the heart and soul of the performance.

Blanca Altable y Chuchi Alcuadrado. Fiddle y guitarra acústica made in Castilla.

Blanca Altable & Chuchi²

A duo that’s been giving a unique twist to old instrumental melodies and Castilian songs since 2009.

Ah! Lírica Poesía Lírica. Proyecto de Blanca Altable y Alex Hache.

Ah! Lírica Poesía Líquida

Their poetic-musical improvisation and embrace of the present moment, surrendering to the ephemeral and transient nature of their arts, are their creed.

B&C Quartet. Cuarteto de Blanca Altable, Chuchi al cuadrado, Jaime Muñoz (La Musgaña) y Natalie Haas (Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas).

B&C Quartet

Blanca & Chuchi are joined by Jaime Muñoz (from La Musgaña) and Natalie Haas to delve into a more diverse repertoire.

CastellanAs. Proyecto de Blanca Olalla Altable y María San Miguel

Dúo Castellanas

Two violins and two voices come together to form this enchanting and unique folk music ensemble in the Iberian folk music landscape.

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