Somos Polvo. Blanca Altable. CD

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SOMOS POLVO. Capas y capas de un violín y voz que proponen un viaje interno a modo de ritual. Apto para corazones abiertos a la belleza.

Llegado el día una decide y toma este camino a pesar de cualquier obstáculo. 
Por fortuna, la Música es alimento para el alma. 
Empieza a recordar las tardes infinitas de verano, huerta y dulzaina. 
Gaitas desafinadas.
Amor, al fin y al cabo.
Amor, humilde, 
muy humilde amor. 
Y dulzaina.



Blanca-Olalla Altable, born in 1984, is one of the few violinists considered relevant in the traditional music scene of Castilla, Spain.

Blanca’s personal style is characterized by her compelling passion, driving rhythm and mindful presence that bring even large audiences in to her intimate creative space. She has truly found a niche in a music seldom thought of for the violin.

Moved by the rhythms and melodies passed down to her by her grandfather, the great dulzaina player, Simón Altable, Blanca Altable forged her own voice and continues to create and compose with an obvious love and respect for both traditional and non-traditional folk music. Her established, multi-cultural style has lead her to collaborate in many modern Castilian ensembles such as Blanca Altable & Chuchi²Cira Qu and fiddle duo, CastellanAs. Blanca has also played a vital role in the bands El Hombre Folkíbero and Cía y Flor de Vida de Álvaro Barriuso. With folk music as her field of expression, she has explored many different musical styles including indie, singersongwriter, electronic music, pop and world music, which give Altable a unique approach to the Castilian music genre.

In 2010, Blanca Altable received the national INJUVE award with the duo Blanca Altable & Chuchi² for the best interpretation in the pop genre, represented Spain with RNE in the 32° EBU Folk Festival in Croatia, and in 2011 collaborated with AECID (Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo) to organize a tour of Africa uniting musicians from Kenya, South Africa, Seychelles and Sudan. At the same time, Altable was awarded scholarships from the Young Excellence program of the Bank of Burgos (Caja de Burgos) which gave her the opportunity to visit New York City and California and study with international musicians Martin Hayes, Casey Driessen, Joe Deninzon, Christian Howes, Matt Glasser, Alasdair Fraser, Brittany Haas, Mike Block y Tristan Clarridge and many more.

Between 2014-2017, Altable turned her energy toward education, teaching courses at the Escuela Integral de Música de Burgos having studied the pedagogy developed by E. Willems. During that time, she performed her own music around USA, Africa, Spain and other parts of Europe, and collaborated in projects such as VocalizÁfrica, Nélida Karr, Vallarna, Dúo La Loba, Neonymus, Pure Hemp, Kasparov vs Deep Blue, Salvador Amor, Sammy Jankis o Sons d’ Cabiella and others.

Blanca Altable, though already well established in her genre, never stops seeking opportunities to learn and grow musically and as a person. She constantly drinks from the well of the international fiddling community by teaching and participating at music camps and other international events. Currently, she is studying classical music with the Castilla & Leon Orchestra violinist Renata Michalek, performs music for theatre productions such as the collective of women artists, Ama Zonas, Margarito & Cía, and Verónica Alcácer del Río, and getting ready to record her first solo album.

Proud Ecologist and feminist, Altable is committed to collaborating with non-profit organizations such as Fundación Oxígeno and UBU Verde, and disadvantaged social groups (VozalizAfrica, Casa de Acogida la Encina) to provide more awareness and to help confront the problems of the world through her music.


03/15 LUCIÉRNAGAS + B&C + Patricia Melero

Espacio Ronda. Madrid. A las 19.30


Café Berlín. Madrid. A las 21:00



04/09 Blanca Altable Solo - Exposición Omitsu Issey

Escuela A. Benaiges. Busto de Bureba

05/09 CastellanAs




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